Creative Italy and Design of the 1950s

Fashion and design to introduce the compnay’s corporate social responsibility

For Accenture, Casta Diva Events created an event in Milan and Rome associated with cultural themes that highlight the company’s socially responsible role. Protagonists of the two events are the creativity and design of the 1950s in relation to different forms of expression such as fashion, advertising, the arts and industrial production. Paola Saluzzi conducted the evenings by guiding the guests on an original trip through the 1950s with the contribution of the chefs Carlo Cracco and Fabio Baldassarre, who proposed menus freely inspired by the gourmet foods of those years.

“An appointment designed to break away from the standard fare,” De Micheli adds, “because it was supposed to attract big bankers and businessmen who otherwise wouldn’t have participated in the event.”