Alitalia – stand and evening event at TTG

New partnership with the Italy’s national airline

Casta Diva Events (part of Casta Diva Group) strengthened its partnership with Alitalia with the creation of a stand and production of an evening party for Italy’s national airline at TTG, the international tourism fair, held in Rimini from 13th to 15th October 2016.
The exhibition stand, designed in Alitalia’s restrained yet elegant corporate style, occupied an area of 128 sqm, where totems and a mega screen showing the fabulous destinations of the national airline were set up. The stand also provided comfortable lounge areas and spaces for one-to-one meetings.
The flagship event which highlighted the presence of Alitalia at the fair was enhanced by the party ‘Made of Italy’, which was held at La Prua on October, 13th, characterized by plays of light, music and excellent food.
The evening reinforced the new image of the company (in line with the brand’s recently unveiled communication campaign) by creating an event with the unmistakable imprint of Alitalia ‘Made of Italy’, delineating all the aspects the country is known for: style, elegance, design, tradition, creativity and Italian hospitality.
In order to draw attention to Alitalia’s latest destination, to be inaugurated on 29th November 2016 with Italy’s first non-stop Rome-Havana flight, a Cuban-themed photo section in the lounge greeted the arriving guests. Roberta Capua, hostess of the evening, introduced the high points of the event.
Following the welcome address, which included a speech by Lorna Dalziel, Alitalia’s Senior Vice President Sales, there took place the highlight of the evening: the guests were enchanted by a videomapping spectacular projected onto a wall of water, created in the docks of Rimini. With images magically suspended over the sea, the presentation showed just some of the worldwide dream destinations served by Alitalia.
The evening continued with a buffet dinner, which celebrated the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine with an additional touch of originality. And of course the prestigious wines of Alitalia’s Business Class could not possibly be overlooked, enhancing as they did the taste of the gourmet food on offer.
Specially created for the event was the Alitalia Breeze cocktail, which guests were able to exclusively enjoy, yet another of the evening’s surprises. After dinner, the guests were entertained by the uninhibited and powerful music of Frankie & Canthina Band.
To bring the evening to an end, we mustn’t leave out the local DJ, who lived up to expectations with a performance worthy of his reputation.