Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Roadshow

Nine italian squares animated with activities dedicated to families

The Christmas Tour kicked off in the Piazza Salimbeni with the traditional switching on of the lights on the very tall Christmas tree, donated by MPS to the city, marking the start of Siena’s Christmas celebrations.

In the centre of the piazza stood a 16sqm stand displaying an enormous Christmas present topped with a big luminous bow; inside was a snow-clad winter tableau, hosting a life-size reindeer with Santa Clauss sleigh brimming with presents.

The installation was surrounded by many types of entertainment and animation addressed to families and children: elves and reindeer, stands for customized photographs with various props, cartoon drawings to be shared on social media, face painting for young children, free sweets, balloons, blown glass Christmas decorations and many other things. Passers-by were invited to take part in an online competition for a trip to the home of Santa Claus in Lapland.

The tour visited another eight city squares across Italy: in Reggio Emilia, Messina, Florence, Naples, Trieste, Pescara, Aosta and Ancona.