Piccolini Tour

Mums and children cooking together

From 2010 to 2012


“Cooking: what a discovery!” Mum and child TOGETHER to share an important relational experience in the number one place families gather together, the KITCHEN, and a fun way to DISCOVER the properties and uses of the various foods for a healthy diet.


Interest target consumers (families with children) in the Piccolini Barilla product range (pasta and sauces) and drive sales.

Casta Diva Events conception and organization

– Edutainment activities: workshops and shows on the theme of proper diet, highly engaging for the target.
– Show Cooking: specialized chefs able to give advice to mums on the product characteristics and the recipes most suited to children.
– Product tasting: prepared “live” by the chefs.
– Advertising activity: in front of shopping malls to promote sales.
– Direct selling activities: in the squares of the biggest Italian cities.
– Provision of gadgets and information material.

The numbers

13 galleries
10 city squares
2 special events
58 days of activities
115,000 participants
60,000 tastings
50,000 chef’s hats
43,000 other gifts for kids
1,300 promotional gadgets
2,500,000 visual contacts