Blue Note Off

Milan, 2018

Blue Note Off is the new brand of Blue Note Milano (part of Casta Diva Group), established in 2017, aimed at bringing jazz music to unconventional venues and to offer to the general public an opportunity to listen to international artists in different venues of the city. Also a great opportunity for all companies and venues interested in opening up opportunities to their stakeholders and citizens. Since 2018 Blue Note Off has organized 14 nights at Sisal Wincity in Piazza Diaz (Milan), two nights in the wonderful Villa Necchi Campiglio, for the project ‘Sere Fai d’Estate’, taking part in ‘A touch of Blue’, an exclusive jazz & cocktail party for the summer opening of the famous Hotel Westin Palace terrace in Milan. All parties were greatly successful and new events are to be planned for next fall.