Casta Diva Events organises Huawei’s 2016 Christmas Concert

A thoroughly enjoyable evening of music and solidarity

Casta Diva Events, working hand-in-hand with Blue Note Milano, designed and produced Huawei’s 2016 Christmas Concert, held in aid of Oxfam Italia.
The event took place at Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica; a thoroughly enjoyable evening of music and solidarity, in support of Oxfam and Huawei’s joint project “Make The Link: Technology Supporting Emergencies”. The project’s aim is to raise the awareness of Italian students of the role of technology in improving the quality of life and the situation of the populations of various countries, with particular focus on humanitarian emergencies.
In order to bring out the concept behind initiative, Casta Diva Events created imposing sets in the various foyers of the Auditorium, which were both visually and technically striking – an exhibition dedicated to the project which included creative, graphic and video content, shown across a backlit wall of LED screens covering a surface of more than 100 sqm.
Working closely with Blue Note, the agency also handled the music side, hiring for the occasion the “phenomenon of the 88 keys” pianist Matthew Lee with his Big Band. Everyone in the packed hall was captivated by the exhilarating rhythms of the man the international press call the “Genius of rock’n’roll”.
The audience was made up of invited corporate guests, key clients, ambassadors, celebrities, as well as members of the public, who were all greeted by the CEO of Huawei Italia and by the Director-General of Oxfam Italia. Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Oxfam Italia.
After special cocktails provided by the prestigious caterers Relais Le Jardin, the two company leaders together with the Italian TV journalist Elisa Anzaldo welcomed the guests, who soon afterwards were invited into the Sinopoli Room to enjoy the captivating concert in a truly festive atmosphere.